Dear Sir IN reply to C J Crane's letter on Tuesday regarding ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle', I would like to point out that there is another side to this debate. As stated, global warming is a natural climatic cycle. The difference this time is that it is happening much faster than ever before. The level of carbon in the atmosphere, in terms of parts per million, is far, far higher than ever before and there are now over six billion people using the Earth's resources. We are entering uncharted territory. Al Gore's documentary An Inconvenient Truth is compelling viewing for putting forward ‘proven facts' for this side of the argument.

D Butterworth
By e-mail
Support for Tony Blair's ‘concessions' Dear Sir
I WRITE in support of Ray Fleming's Viewpoint (Mandleson on Blair, Daily Bulletin 14 March).
Thanks to what Peter Mandleson calls Tony Blair's ‘concessions' no one has been killed on the streets of Belfast in recent years and Northern Ireland is on the verge of a peaceful end to the ‘troubles'.

If the Spanish President is not allowed to conduct a similar policy with regard to the Basque problem, I fear many more lives will be lost in Northern Spain and beyond. Allowing convicted terrorist, Iñaki de Juana, to starve himself to death would have handed the men of violence a propaganda victory, enabling them to revive their dwindling support. That ‘concession' has, no doubt, saved the lives of many innocent people, just as Tony Blair's ‘concessions' have brought about an end to violence in Ireland.

George Tunnel
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