Dear editor, READING your “Viewpoint” from yesterday regarding the state of our beaches, prompted me to write this letter. I have visited 2 beaches quite recently on the island. The first one was Palmira Paguera beach. The water was cloudy and filthy full of unidentifiable bits and pieces, it did not look healthy and every so often the smell of sewage drifted across the beach. The second beach visited was Palma Nova near the Marina (usually very clean) but the water here was full of shredded plastic and paper it was filthy. Could this have been from liners and boats?

Sitting near was a family of holidaymakers, I overheard them commenting how disgusting and filthy the water was. How many more comments like these are made, but do not get heard in the right places? Are the sewage and waste treatment systems, council and otherwise out of date or not checked regularly? Is it because with the increase in visitors and residents the present systems are insufficient and cannot cope? Have liners and boats regulations for dumping waste into the sea or is it please yourself and disregard the environment. Perhaps more beaches are kept open that should be closed? It is food for thought.

Alan Caffyn, Ses Veles, Santa Ponsa