IN Myanmar (Burma) several days of street protests led by Buddhist monks were eventually stopped by the military government with some loss of life. The government's repressive acts were widely condemned and China was urged to use its influence to restrain the government and make concessions to the protestors. PP In Britain opinion polls continued to show the Labour Party with a substantial lead over the Conservatives, increasing pressure on Prime Minister Gordon Brown to call an early election.

Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was the centre of interest at the United Nations' General Assembly and at other meetings in New York; he repeatedly said that Iran's nuclear programme was now a “closed issue”.

A nation-wide strike against General Motors in America lasted two days. The company agreed on a new employment contract and on providing health care for retired workers. Ford and Chrysler were thought likely to follow suit.

British Airways ordered 12 A380 superjumbo aircraft from Airbus and 24 of the new 787 from Boeing.
BULLETIN Headlines of the week l SUNDAY/MONDAY: Balearic MPs Get 10 Pct Rise (The increase was said to be necessary because of the anticipated heavy workload in coming months). l TUESDAY: Metro Closed Again (Flooding after heavy rain made necessary the second closing in two months). l WEDNESDAY: Hospital Delay Costs A Small Fortune (The delay in deciding on the future location of Palma's new hospital was causing one million euros a month). l THURSDAY: Tourism Record (A record nine million tourists visited the Balearics in the first eight months of the year). l FRIDAY: Property Prices Rise By 7 Pct (Property costs in the Balearics were still rising despite falls in some other parts of Spain). l SATURDAY: More Cash For Road Network (Central government agreed a grant of 800m euros for Balearic road projects).