By Jason Moore THE Conservatives have probably more to lose than Labour in the expenses row and the scandal has already seen their popularity dive in the opinion polls. The Labour government is discredited after 12 years in office and the expenses row is just another nail in the new Labour coffin. I think these days little would surprise the electorate in Britain about the Labour Party. The Conservative Party should be in the same position as the Labour Party just before they swept to power for the first time in 1997; fresh ideas, prepared to introduce new legislation. It is the new Conservative Party of David Cameron not the tired and battered Tories of John Major. But unfortunately for David Cameron it turns out that his MPs have been as liberal with their expense claims as their Labour opponents. The fact that one Tory MP put in a claim to clean his moat and another to fix his swimming pool just adds more weight to the argument that the Tories are still a party of Toffs who are out of touch with modern day Britain. It has been a bad week for politics in Britain especially for the Conservatives and Labour. The Liberal Democrats appear to have escaped the expense row quite lightly and I suspect that their fortunes in the opinion polls will rise as a direct result.