DEAR SIR I KNOW I must be sounding like a “Grumpy Old Man” but I care passionately about Mallorca - my home. The footpaths in Calas de Mallorca are in dire need of repair, and have been for as long as I can remember but, thankfully, Manacor council has now done something about it ... they are repairing them on the main road out of Calas (a very popular road I might add!).

Work started on 2nd May, just as the tourists were arriving. Have Manacor Council got no sense? If they had left it until July or August to start the work they would have annoyed far more tourists than in May (posiblé).

Incidentally, on 5th May, they also started work on road works to the new entrance to Cala Murada ...
For heaven's sake, there were 71'000 people out of work over the winter months, why the hell did somebody not get them off the unemployment register and sort these jobs out when there were no toursits here?

I know why Manacor Council is doing this ... they need the votes for the forthcoming EU elections. Fine. They may get the votes off the residents who are delighted that something is being done in their town but, with no tourists in future years, then just how wrong have they got it. ...And continuing with the “Grumpy Old Man” theme that my mate Norrie McLeod started ...
Two appalling stories this week about two different sets of tourists who visited that ‘let's rip off the tourist' resort of Porto Cristo.
A family of two adults and one child bought three baguettes and three soft drinks ... the bill? 32 euros. ... and two Scottish women had a very basic breakfast (allegedly British Breakfast, but far from it) each with a cup of tea .. the bill 24? euros. Two phrases immediately come to mind (again) ... “Sand” and “head therein” But, there again, Porto Cristo is lucky, people only go there for one day; to visit the caves and then wander around town. The bar and restaurant owners know this so they don't care. Oh dear. When will they ever learn.

One day, people will stop supporting these establishments ... but I am sure they have a “Plan B” in place already for next year (or maybe even next month?) ... when they lose money hand over fist this year ... they will “put their prices up...!”

Ian Morrison
Porto Colom