By Jason Moore THERE are two issues regular readers of this space will know I feel very strongly about; the first is the useless green certificate which has replaced our residence cards and the second are shop opening hours. Now, I am glad to see that there appears to be some progress on both issues with local politicians promising to intervene on both fronts. But on this occasion I will not attack the backward looking local shopkeepers and their outdated opening hours, today I am turning my attention to restaurants. What is the day of the week that most families like to go out to lunch? Yes, you guessed it, Sunday. And what is the day of the week that most restaurants in Palma are closed, Sunday. This is a ridiculous state of affairs and shows once again that there is much wrong with the local business community. I am told that many restaurants are experiencing a major fall in takings because of the recession. A simple solution is open on Sundays. These stupid outdated practices have no place in a modern Majorca which like all tourist destinations is clearly suffering at the moment. Instead of planning major promotion campaigns and spending fortunes on attending trade fairs across the globe perhaps the local tourism authorities should resolve other issues first.