Armenia and Turkey signed an agreement to establish diplomatic relations and open borders in an effort to resolve hostilities that have their origin in Armenian allegations of genocide in 1917 against Turkey; however, the parliaments of both countries have still to approve the deal. Meanwhile a World Cup qualifying football game between the two countries in Turkey, attended by both Presidents, passed off relatively quietly; Turkey won 2-0.

British MPs were subjected to more humiliation when a further inquiry into their expenses claims resulted in many demands for the return of money paid, in some cases running into thousands of pounds. Several MPs objected that the former civil servant conducting the inquiry had applied regulations retrospectively but the three party leaders said MPs should pay up or face discipline by their parties.

In the U.S.A. President Obama moved a step forward towards getting his health-care reforms enacted when the Republican Senator Olympic Snow voted with Democrats in the Senate Finance Committee, one of five committees working on the health-care Bill. In another cross-party move, Republican Senator Lindsay Graham said he was considering forming a bipartisan front to support the administration's Climate Change legislation.