Dear Sir,

YOU said what I thought and experienced on “The night of fire.” I took my wheelchair bound husband to Palma, we parked and having checked out our times of events in the paper, we proceeded to Plaza Cort, where we were directed by a friendly member of the public to a platform in the centre rear of the square for wheel chairs, what a beautiful light show and we could see and photograph all from our vantage point.

We then went to the site for the fireworks, first we discovered that the whole area overlooking the Parc Del Mar, from the cathedral side was closed off (for the pyrotechnic set up) but there was no sign to say this and so we had to run with the wheel chair down to the entrance of the Park.

There was chaos, no area that we could go to be safe with the wheelchair and no police knew if there was one designated, nor was there crowd control.
Thank goodness that I had a strong male helper with me as we were petrified that the wheel chair and my husband would be overturned or us burnt.
We had to surround it to protect it. No one could see any thing from normal ground level only hear some music and a disjointed firework display.
We tried to extract ourselves early and were glad to have come out unhurt, although my husband who has Alzheimer's was very frightened.
What a difference from a few years ago, when the display was in the bay, we could to go to dinner in a sea front hotel and sit in the comfort of their terrace, very safe and wonderful.

The law does state that “minusvalidos” should have preference for being accommodated at events and theaters, but this was a dangerous and disorganized farce (from the crowd control point of view).

I would hope that the Palma city council reconsider this event and either return to the show in the bay, which could be enjoyed by far more people or have police control and barriers plus designated areas, and put out information in the newspapers regarding this.

If the tourist board are trying to go up market they could start with this event, which could be unique and wonderful, if better controlled and organized by the authorities. I am sure for the few who were in the front the display must have been wonderful, but for the vast majority it left a lot to be desired.


Yvonne Cotton, Palma nova