by Humphrey Carter

Does any one actually want a job in Majorca? Jason Moore recently mentioned a restaurant who laid on a special European Championship final spread with big screens etc. but could not get any extra staff for the evening.

Now, it appears, despite Spain having the highest rate of unemployment in the Western world with thousands of more jobs to be lost by the end of the year, those in work just want to go on strike and potentially put their livelihoods at risk.

But, it is also the lack of overall foresight. As things stand, Palma is going to be hit by an eleven day strike by rubbish collectors. Lovely. 35ºC with the streets piled high with steaming waste.

I was once caught in a rubbish strike in a sweltering Athens, fortunately I found an American backpacker who was selling face masks. I took the lot - it was unbearable. Obviously, the so-called minimum services will be enforced but considering very few people in Palma pay any attention to the rubbish laws and the centre continues to be filthy, tourists are going to just love it.

What an impression Palma is going to make on visitors right at the peak of the season.
If the bin men are not happy, I will not go as far as Jeremy Clarkson, but I would say sack them. There are plenty of people to fill their boots and would be only too willing to get back to work.

With it being a late booking season, once news of another strike gets out, and one of this manner, this summer could quite literally end up being a load of rubbish for Palma.