I read with interest your hype on the visit of David Cameron - “fit for a prime minister”.
We too have been in Puerto Pollensa over the past three weeks and found the place far dirtier this year than ever before.
Many beaches are covered in litter, particularly where local fisherman have spent the night, leaving plastic bags, empty tins, glass beer bottles etc. There is also a growing problem of fly tipping - local builders etc no doubt too lazy to take their rubbish to the tip.

I suspect Mr. Cameron was shepherded away from this problem but be aware that many tourists we spoke to commented on the filthy state of the country.
Why not have a “keep Majorca tidy” campaign led by your newspaper? If the tourists go elsewhere, there will only be one loser.
Interestingly, we visited friends in Cyprus last year and we noted that there are signs all along the roads making people aware of the €800 fine for littering. The result?

Clean roads, clean beaches, a sense of pride and a quality environment.
The local councils in Majorca need to do far more to clean up - we did note the cleaning of the natural beach near the Pollencia Beach Club but this really is not relevant. It is very sparsely populated with tourists and, whilst we applaud the eco beach initiative, when the tourists stop coming, then it will be another white elephant. The real culprits, I am afraid, are the local inhabitants, who just do not respect the natural assets of the island.

The parents are a very poor example to their children.
Beaches used by locals are left in a filthy state.
We need heavy penalties, far more education in schools on the consequences of littering, stronger policing and greater pride. Please Daily Bulletin, get your teeth into this crucial initiative, Regards
John Reeves