by Jason Moore

Prime Minister David Cameron was heading home to Britain yesterday after a successful nine day break in Majorca. But his holiday has certainly caused a sensation for Majorcans who are more used to seeing their politicians surrounded by bodyguards and out of the public eye when they are on holiday. Cameron has been very visible in Pollensa, posing for photographs, going to the beach with his family and enjoying the delights of the area. Infact he has been so visible that one British resident was rather upset that he had taken his usual table in a Puerto Pollensa cafeteria! Cameron travelled to the island with a no-frills airline while Spanish politicians usually take advanrage of air force private jets. I think seeing a British Prime Minister behaving like a “normal” British tourist must have been a refreshing sight for Majorcans. Just because you are a Prime Minister doesn´t mean that you have to be out of sight. Even Cameron´s security team won praise from local journalists, who said that they had been most polite. Infact I have not heard a bad word said locally about the British Prime Minister even in the rather sceptical local media. Balearic President Jose Ramon Bauza hopes that he will be regular visitor to the island. I sincerely hope that the Prime Minister has enjoyed his stay here because he faces a rough ride when he arrives back in Britain. Labour is ahead in the polls, the coalition is split. Oh well, he will always have Pollensa!