by Jason Moore

Britain is quite rightly proud of its Oympic heroes who won gold at the London Games. There is talk that they could all be awarded knighthoods. Quite an honour. But what many, and I would say most in Britain, don´t realise is that Majorca proved to be a great training platform for them. Bradley Wiggins trained on Majorca before heading to France to win the Tour de France and then to London to win a gold medal. Ben Ainslie trained in the waters of the Bay of Palma before capturing yet another gold medal in London. Tom Daley trained at the Son Hugo sports centre in Palma before his bronze charge in the Olympic pool. The Olympic swimmers all splashed out in Majorca during periodic training sessions. I don´t understand why the local authorities have not underlined this point in their Majorcan promotion campaigns. “Olympic heroes, partly made in Majorca...” could be the slogan. But like many things in Majorca at the moment it will be another opportunity missed.