The treatment meted out to the robbed tourists in Santa Ponsa by the local Palma Nova police deserved the multiple criticisms it engendered in last weeks' editions. Their response was slow (+15 minutes), she was delayed a complete day for a police interview then had a 3 hour wait before being told to return next day with 50€ to cover translation costs.

Another Santa Ponsa resident compared this disgracefull event with his favourable experience in Lisbon. Tourists have no need to decamp en masse 500 km west to Portugal but only 20 km east to the Playa de Palma where unfortunately we still have this type of theft but handle in a sensitive and modern 21st century manner.

Yesterday (Saturday afternoon) some friends here on holiday had their bag filched while having a coffee. The restaurant called the police who were there in 5 minutes. They took some details, gave them a reference number and suggested they give fuller details to English speaking police via a 24/7 telephone service for which they gave them the number. This they did the same evening and even though it was Saturday night had no problems. The telephone police even found out their closest station and they picked up the report there this morning all at no charge! Perhaps it's not so much a matter of new rules from the Spanish Interior Ministry but lazier, out dated and not so nice police in Palma Nova compared to our own on the Playa de Palma.

M ike Lillico
Playa de Palma