by Jason Moore

I have often been accused of being rather negative in this space so for today (and only today!) I will write about some good news which could cheer the rather hard-hit Majorcan tourist industry. I was talking to one of the managers of a new luxury hotel in Soller and she was telling me that during the month of August the hotel was packed with British tourists. Now, it is a lovely hotel but it is not cheap. Recession, what recession I hear you say. Now, up the road in Deya another top hotel has been enjoying a great summer season and attracting some “A” list British celebrities. And most of their guests are British as well. Now, for years it has been said that the Brits are busy trying to sell up in Spain and go elsewhere. But what hasn´t made the headlines is that the British are also buying properties on the island as well. Infact one leading local estate agent was telling me yesterday that the British were almost level pegging with the Germans when it came to buying homes here. “So the British are buying again,” I remarked, “they never went away,” he replied. The British love affair with Majorca continues and perhaps there may be light at the end of the tunnel for the local economy. The pound sterling is worth 11 percent more against the euro than this time last year so perhaps the British once again may help Majorca ease out of the economic gloom. So, there we go, there are reasons to be cheerful and the British, despite the claims of some, have money to spend.