by Jason Moore

At a time when morale among British soldiers is at an all time low the fact that the grandson of their commander-in-chief is serving with them in Afghanistan must have given them a boost. Full marks to Prince Harry; he could easily have taken the easy option and secured a safe training job back at base in Britain but no he wanted to go to the frontline to serve alongside his comrades. Britain has eight Apache helicopters based in Afghanistan and they are always in demand either providing support for troops on the ground or escorting transport helicopters. The Apaches are one of Britain´s key military assets. Some might say that sending Prince Harry to the frontline is a major risk and he will soon become the Taliban´s top target. Infact it could put the Apache fleet under even more pressure. But as the Prince has said he did not join the army to be stuck back at base. He is now in one of the most dangerous places in the world. There was speculation that he could be accompanied by a personal protection team but this is a ludicrous suggestion because there is not much room in an Apache! All those who criticised the Prince over his holiday in Las Vegas and the naked photos incident should now take note; he is serving on the frontline. One thing for sure I doubt that there will be many paparrazzi style photos of the Prince while he is serving in Afghanistan. At least he will be safe from the long lens but ofcourse there are other risks.