by Jason Moore

Almost a third of all businesses in Madrid are now Chinese-owned. I suspect that the percentage is similar or even higher in Majorca. The Chinese discount store has taken the High Street by storm and ensured cheap priced articles are available to all. Some Majorcans refuse to shop at these stores saying that the quality is poor. I know one person who refused to go into these stores preferring the bigger Spanish-owned shops. I pointed out to him that most articles these days were made in China and his boycott was costing him dear; he was buying the same article which was made in China at double the price. Thankfully he has seen the light and has ended his self-imposed boycott. It is a sad state off affairs that Europe produces mosts of its goods in China and now the Chinese are selling them back to us on our own High Streets. But full marks to the Chinese. In these days of hard times it is good to know that you can still get value for money. Perhaps we should take note.