by Jason Moore

The British, I am afraid to say, have a reputation in the Balearics of not spending too much while they are on holiday. Infact the general consensus of opinion is that the Germans are the big spenders and the British are the poor relations. I am happy to report that this is totally untrue. It is the British who are the big spenders in the Balearics and across Spain. On average every British tourist spends 1'000 euros during his or her holiday holiday which usually lasts for about ten days. To put that figure in perspective that is the average monthly wage of most Spaniards. This perception that the British are not big spenders has always rather annoyed me. I know for a fact that when the British go on holiday they will spend every penny they have (or don´t have!) to enjoy themselves. The economy of this island has benefited as a direct result. For once I agree with the official figures. Obviously the spending power of your average British tourist has been helped by the increase in the value of sterling against the single currency (it has risen by eleven percent since this time last year). The fact that British tourism generates so much income for the local economy clearly underlines the fact that we should welcome British tourists with open arms. Without them I believe that this island would be in deep financial problems. The British are the big spenders in the Balearics (I will repeat it again and hopefully the local ministry for tourism might take note!).