by Jason Moore

This week we have had an interesting debate in the letters to the editor section over the teaching of Catalan in local schools. Some good points on this subject have been made on both sides. However, I feel I should point out that a recent poll among parents said that the majority supported their children being taught in Catalan. I think that it was about 80 percent for and 20 against. I remember I was shocked because I suspected that many parents opposed Catalan in local schools but according to this survey this was not really the case. Over recent years I have noticed an increase in the amount of Catalan/Majorcan which is being spoken on the island. The ruling Partido Popular wants to change the legislation and encourage more Castillan Spanish to be taught rather than Catalan. This according to the poll could be a mistake but it was in their political manifesto and they did win at the last local elections by a landslide. I am sure that it will be an issue which will continue to be debated for years to come.