by Humphrey Carter

The ruling centre right Partido Popular government is beginning to suffer the same kinds of problems the coalition government is suffering in the UK and this is because too many young people with little or no political experience are being given top jobs.

One thing is having been a local mayor and pharmacist, as is the case of the President Jose Ramon Bauza, the other is being President of the Balearics with multi million euro budgets to balance in the middle of the worst recession since the last one. Bauza and his young buddies may be all over social media but for many voters there is much more to politics than tweets and messages on Facebook.

The current PP government is continually split by its policy over Catalan. In rural Majorca, most people oppose the government's decision to dumb down the importance of the local language, but Bauza is sticking to his pop guns.

But, more importantly, this latest investigation into alleged corruption appears to have crossed over from the Matas past to the Bauza present with former and present high ranking members of the PP under the spotlight and that, as we have already seen, is putting internal pressure on the party with calls for ex-President Jaume Matas to come forward, show his face and start clearing up a mess which the inexperienced youngsters currently in power may find too hot to handle once the judges turn up the heat again.