by Humphrey Carter

O K, the Balearics is not going to have its own stand, it is not going to be personally endorsed by the likes of Michael Douglas, Claudia Schiffer or Rafael Nadal, but is it going to make any difference? Having personally been at those events, I doubt they helped to shift any more holidays to the Balearics. But something is happening in the market and tour operators are surprised but pleased.

Package holiday sales to the region are already up on last year and the Balearics has got to use this platform to drive home a message that the Balearics is still the most popular single holiday destination in Europe.

What tourism chiefs cannot do is slouch round the fair with their pockets out pretending to be elephants complaining there is no money.
They have got to be bold, positive, show confidence, even if they do not really possess it.
Show the very best of the Balearics, fly the flag, be cooperative so we have something to look forward to for next season. Go on.