I would be grateful if you could advise me as to whom I should write concerning the plan to allow dogs on certain beaches, in particular, Llenaire in Puerto Pollensa and Cala Carbo in Cala San Vicente. I believe this is in the hope of attracting more tourists to these areas.

At the present time there is a major problem with dog excrement in the streets of Puerto Pollensa but at least one can see it and hopefully avoid stepping in it. This is not the case where it may be unseen in non-paved areas. Allowing dogs onto a beach, shared by the public and, in particular children, will mean that such excrement will quickly become hidden in the sand. Children tend to play in the sand and will be at risk of coming into close contact which potentially serious disease such as toxocara canis.

I cannot see the benefits of this plan. Indeed, rather than encouraging tourism in these areas, I believe the opposite will be true. Not only will families with children not use these beaches, but they will cease to come to these resorts and even Majorca once it becomes known that its beaches are a hazard. Perhaps a few cages could be rattled by the Majorca Daily Bulletin.

Yours sincerely, Barry Fairbrother, MD FRCS
Puerto Pollensa/Chesterfield