by Humphrey Carter

“We want to shut the banks down because they've ruined this country,” proclaimed one demonstrator yesterday, but he is wrong.
I know the focus is very much on the banks right now because of the repossession situation but they are only complying with the law, hence why central government spent yesterday afternoon trying to ease legislation so the banks could legally ease up on repossessions.

Do people really think that the banks, already with hundreds of thousands of nearly worthless properties on their books, want more? No.
The target of yesterday's general strike cum social protest should have been the regional governments.
The banks caused the financial crisis in 2008 but, here in Spain, it is the regional governments which have brought the country to its knees. The thousands of anti-capitalist protesters out yesterday morning clashing with police along the Avenidas and picketing banks should have had the central government offices, parliament and the headquarters of the left wing parties which formed the former Balearic coalition government in their sights because that is where the blame lies.

And there is no point taking it out on the police, it's not their fault either. They've had their wages cut as well. There were too many mixed messages given off by yesterday's demonstrations.