by Humphrey Carter

Today is going to be a challenging day for the President of the Balearics Jose Ramon Bauza, when he will have to stand before Parliament and explain exactly where the Balearics is politically and economically.

Hanging around his neck will be the drastic cut in the budget for 2013, rising unemployment, a stagnant economy and another corruption scandal involving his party and its campaign funding which, for the moment, involves a number of his top brass.

He may also be asked for his reaction to last Wednesday's anti-austerity protests which saw thousands of people take to the streets of the Balearics to vent their anger against the government's policies.

Bauza is certainly going to have to dig deep in order to find some positives to cling on to because blaming the former left wing coalition government for the region's problems is not only getting boring but is no longer a viable excuse. We need more proactive action and less hot air.