by Jason Moore

Surely all us British citizens should be able to have a say in whether or not we have a full-time Consul solely for the Balearics? There has been no consultation process at all which you would expect when such a major decision was being taken. The Consul General in Barcelona will now be responsible for the Balearics in the latest Consular shake-up. The majority of British citizens living here are opposed to the idea; they believe, like me, that the Balearics needs a full time Consul based in Palma because of the millions of British tourists who come here every year on holiday and the large expatriate community. The fact that no-one was really asked locally whether they believed that the islands need a Consul is a not a good sign. I doubt that I could have been persuaded that a Consul General in Barcelona and two Vice Consuls in Palma running the Balearics was a good idea but some may see it as the way forward. I sincerely doubt that anyone would have thought that it was a good idea but the views of the expatriate community and the tourist industry should have been taken into account before the decision was taken to give the Consulate in Palma Vice Consulate status. We live in a democracy and at the end of the day we are all customers of the Foreign Office. We should be able to have our say especially as this was not a money saving decision. We should have been consulted. It was not very diplomatic at all.