by Jason Moore

In these hard times it is difficult to find any good news, even in Majorca, but the announcement yesterday that there will be a direct flight from Heathrow to Palma from March, is certainly good news. I once asked a leading local estate agent why Britons were not buying property in big numbers in Majorca, he replied that it was a lack of flights during the winter and he singled out the demise of British Midland´s Heathrow-Palma link as one of the principal causes. I suppose it is simple, if you think about it. If you can´t get there, there is no point buying a home there. Heathrow is also key. It is Europe´s principal airport and now it will have a feeder service to Palma. It also means that it will be easier for us to get back to London. While there are links to other London airports, Heathrow will always be king. Vueling, which is partly owned by the British Airways/Iberia group is banking on the support of the British community for this route,. I suspect that it will be forthcoming and could help revive the local real estate market. The airline could be described as an “old fashioned” carrier with Business Travel and allocated seats. Hopefully the airline could be persuaded to continue with the link during the winter period. I can see this service paying dividends and putting Majorca back on the map. There is reason for some optimism for next summer season. More flights equal more visitors, so Majorca should be flying high in 2013!