by Jason Moore

Full marks to new British Consul Andrew Gwatkin for visiting the Bulletin offices yesterday to explain in person the changes to the Consular service in Majorca. I joked with him yesterday that after our headline broadsides against the Foreign Office for stripping the Balearics of a permanent Consul, his visit had taken plenty of courage! I had been told that Andrew Gwatkin was “a nice chap and good a Consul,” and they weren´t wrong. While I still believe that stripping the Balearics of its permanent British Consul in Palma was wrong, I do believe that we have the right man for the job who will listen to the British community in the Balearics albeit from an office in Barcelona. He did say that he will visit the Balearics on a regular basis and when required. Gwatkin is also a major fan of Majorca and quite simply loves the place. Out of all the things which have been written about the Consular shake-up (many by me!) I think the line which best sums up what has happened was penned by Andrew Ede in yesterday´s Bulletin: he said that the changes at the Consulate were not really major but the loss of Paul Abrey as Consul was a major blow to the British community. Wise and very true words. The good news is that the British Consulate in Palma will be advertising for a new British Vice Consul. Anyone, especially those with knowledge of the local community, are welcome to apply. In these hard times, a new job is always welcome!