By Jason Moore

SKY sports presenters Richard Keys and Andy Gray have quite rightly lost their jobs over their sexists comments but I bet both of them would dearly love to know who leaked their off air comments to the media. Their comments were not meant for public consumption, it was rather unpleasant and sexist banter before the start of the programme. Richard Keys, mentioned “dark forces” at work in his radio interview before his resignation.

I don´t know about dark forces but I am sure that Sky will be launching an internal investigation into the whole affair. I am sure that many television presenters have made off-air comments which could cost them their jobs if they were leaked to the media. Ofcourse the whole episode came at a rather delicate time for the BSKYB organisation as Rupert Murdoch battles to take overall control of the highly profitable TV station.

What with the phone-hacking row at the News of the World and sexist comments on Sky Sports I suspect that the Murdoch organisation will hope that the whole episode comes to a conclusion rapidly so that they are not making the headlines for the wrong reasons. Richard Keys and Andy Gray have been entertaining soccer fans for more than two decades and with their experience they should have known better.