Dear Editor, Re: Port of Soller, the Naval Station Building. J. Finlay Walls might as well stop writing to the Bulletin regarding the destruction of the above. I agree with what he says but neither he nor I can know what pressures, political and financial, are influencing the decisions of the Local Council regrading the destroying of the character of the Port of Soller which had a charm of its own but now that I understand the Naval Station building at the entrance to the Port is to be demolished and something else built in its place but “what” appears to be a secret as any request for information is met by a blunt refusal. I have to make my plea to save it as I feel so passionately about that building. It stands at the entrance to the harbour and is so absolutely in keeping with the Port; viewed from the sea on approaching the Port and seen from every angle of the land. It is not in any worse condition than the monastery and the little chapel which have been refurbished, so I cannot understand why money cannot be spent on restoring it or, at least, why cannot the shell be preserved and whatever is envisaged to take its place be housed inside the present exterior? Of course, the powers-that-be would say I am a “foreigner”, but I have lived here permanently for 16 years and consider it to be my home. I think the Port of Soller is wonderful and the people who were born here and live here are lovely. I am not against improvement and modernisation but feel it should be to the advantage of the local people with a view to providing more employment especially for the young people. I really care about our Port and would say pleaes, please don't destroy our “Todo por la Patria” building. Kay Stickley, Port of Soller

Is there no Majorcan pressure group protesting against this destruction?