Dear Sir, Why does Spain have six times more unemployment of the under 25s than Germany? Why is Spanish unemployment four times that of Germany overall? Could it be because Spain demands that employers pay 45 days of redundancy payment for each working year completed? This along with twice yearly double wage payments in summer and winter saddles all employers with paying a salary bill of 15 months and two weeks per year. Often, Spanish employees take massive redundancy pay outs from the ex- employer, only to start another job the very next day. A too high cost to any employer. In Germany, no company with fewer than 12 employees is forced to pay employees any redundancy, thus reducing the risk to them of giving the unemployed jobs. Spain has to eliminate punishing and extortionate redundancy pay- outs if it wishes to help the poor and unemployed. Until then, best advice is to employ no-one in Spain. Let the Spanish paros instead go to Germany, where employers there are desperately seeking to fill millions of empty jobs with good workers.

Dr Garry Bonsall