READ THE STORY FIRST AND THEN COMPLAIN DEAR EDITOR, Last week The Majorca Daily Bulletin reported, “Rafael Nadal has been signed up to promote the Balearics for the next three years as part of a six million euro campaign featuring the tennis star. The Minister for Tourism explained that the annual budget of two million euros not only covers Nadal's fee - if his sporting calendar permits he is expected to appear at some of the main global travel fairs - but also the costs of production and broadcasting.” Since that article appeared, there have been letters printed that have decried the young man's excessive charges to his homeland. Some have been less critical than others, but note his huge windfall. But if there is one thing that should be crystal clear, it is that the public does not know what he is being paid. For all that has been made public, the young man may be offering his services for a nominal fee or just out of pocket expenses. The six million Euro figure is not being paid to Sr. Nadal. It is the cost of a three-year advertising campaign. Each year, from a two million Euro budget there will be production costs and placement costs. The latter will be very high. TV time costs are steep. It would not be unsurprising if they eat up 90 percent plus of the gross budget. International advertising campaigns can generate huge costs, but frankly, the Majorca market is unlikely to generate a six million Euro fee for a celebrity endorser. In any case, celebrity fees - astronomical though they may seem - are only a small part of an advertising campaign budget.

To reiterate, the size of Sr. Nadal's price is unknown and any criticism is based upon a misreading of the facts and an imaginative understanding of the business. The initial Majorca Daily Bulletin article, as written, clearly does not identify the amount allocated to the high profile tennis star. Get off the lad's back.

Ralph McGaughey, Boston, MA, USA