by Jason Moore

THE Chris Huhne affair has been making headlines news in Spain. It is not because there is any real interest in the court case against Huhne, the former Environnment Minister, it is because Spain is rather impressed that a minister resigned because of a traffic fine dispute. The trouble in Spain is that no-one resigns despite all the allegations which are levelled against then. Case in point is the Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy who has been accused of receiving money from an illegal government slush fund. Other allegations have been aimed at other senior Spanish ministers. Huhne, overnight, has become a hero in Spain for doing the right thing when his reputation was tarnished. The alleged fraud allegation against Spanish politicians are doing little for the noble art of politics in Spain. Infact, the level of distrust among the Spanish public about politicians has never been higher. Spanish politics needs to clean up its act but Huhne should not be used as an example!