ANDREW Ede's blog in todays 4/2/11 MB concerning”specific market advertising” is spot on. In the ‘60's I was marketing director for a World class fibre/yarn producer in UK.

We advertised in 9 major European markets. In each market we worked with a local advertising agency to create a campaign particular to that market. Our only “must” was the way our brand name was depicted.

We had a small marketing team in each market,3/4 local nationals,headed always by a Brit from our UK headquarters. Our great rivals were an American company,with twice my budget and three times my staff. Their staff were predominantly American and their campaign was universal. We outsold them 2/1.

Andrew Ede is absolutely right.Communicate individually and specifically to each target market. Pity I am retired. He and I could give Majorca much better returns on tax payers money.

Yours faithfully,

Puerto Pollensa