Dear Editor, AFTER years of accepting the fact that in Majorca rules are regulations which are made to be broken, we feel it's time to make a stand. Sunday is our day for going out and enjoying a drink and a meal in pleasant surroundings, after a week's work. The Sunday of 29th January started in the same way but was soon to be spoilt. We collected our newspapers and went to a bar to read them over a drink. The first rule was about to be broken. Although the sign on the door clearly states “no dogs”, the first one ventured in looking for its master, who was sitting at the bar. We have a dog which we leave at home knowing the law, meaning we restrict our time out to be back before she becomes distressed. The dog was in and out, chasing dogs outside and returning to the bar. No problem. The second dog entered the bar, also looking for its owner and the two dogs proceeded to fight. At this stage, we approached the owners pointing out the sign, suggesting that if the dogs were to be allowed in the bar, they should at least be put on leads; not well received! After this confrontation, we carried on to our chosen restaurant for lunch. So far so good. We were given our table (the only two no-smoking tables were occupied). We chose one near this area, both being non-smokers. We continued with our meal but were dismayed to see how many people were smoking in the restaurant, especially as before Christmas, the whole restaurant was non-smoking, smoking being allowed in the bar only. Before the end of our meal, we noticed the non-smoking tables being given ashtrays and the occupants lighting up their cigarettes. Feeling it was our right to complain, we asked the proprietor why they set up no-smoking tables and then encourage clients to smoke at them. His answer was that until the government stipulates “no-smoking”, he will allow his clients to continue smoking. As if this wasn't enough, we returned home to the sound of gunfire which has been going on for weeks from morning to night seven days a week. This was the last straw. My husband set out to find where and what they were shooting. He confronted them and was knocked to the ground, kicked and found himself looking into the barrel of a shotgun. Luckily, at this moment, an elderly man intervened and told the younger ones to stop. They returned to their cars and drove off, leaving my husband on the ground. When my husband arrived home, he was shaken and sore. What's gone wrong? Why have laws if they are ignored? How does the law stand with regard to shooting? We would really like to know. I think we'll stay at home on Sundays!

Linda Long, Pollensa