BY Jason Moore WHILE Mariano Rajoy´s immigration policies may be quite controversial at least this issue has become part of the election campaign. I believe that the socialists would not have addressed the issue if Rajoy had not waded into the debate with a whole series of proposals to stem illegal immigration. The Socialist Party of Rodriguez Zapatero have dismissed his proposals as being xenophobic but this is nonsense. Immigration is a big issue in Spain; almost 20 percent of the population was born outside the country. While I applaud Rajoy´s courage on this issue many of his proposals are short-sighted and have more to do with the election than actually being water-tight proposals. Spain for many years does not appear to have a clear immigration policy and the actual immigration department appears to be in a mess. Look, at our useless certificates which have replaced our residence permits. After the elections Spain needs to take a close look at its immigration policies. Ofcourse all immigrants should learn to speak Spanish and it is the duty of the elected government to ensure that they do so. Rajoy is also suggesting deporting any immigrant who breaks the law in Spain. I don´t think he has thought this proposal through too well. But anyhow immigration should be an election issue and Rajoy deserves praise for making it so.

So the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams. feels that some aspects of Muslim law should be introduced in Britain. I would say that instead of making controversial statements he should be more concerned about the decline of the Anglican Church.