Dear Sir,

The three boos awarded to the British Government for its “provocative” acts are totally undeserved.

Has your columnist forgotten the martial stance taken by the new Argentinian President in her statements recently in laying claim to the “Malvinas”, a claim that is totally rejected by 100 per cent of the Falkland Islanders.

In support of her spurious claim, Mrs Kirchner has ratcheted up the threats by refusing to allow Falkland ships to land at Argentinian ports together with two or three other South American countries,with further unfriendly actions.

Also, eyeing the discovery of oil around the Falklands,she thinks a bellicose posture will improve her position among the Argentinian population. No, the truth is, Britain is upholding the rights of Falkland Islanders by showing it is prepared to defend those rights. You say diplomacy is the only way, while forgetting that when this argument was aired 30 years ago.the Argentinians ignored diplomacy and invaded regardless. This time,Britain has decided to DETER the Argentinians from any foolish repeat of its failed adventure. They should be applauded for their principled stance

Phil Green
El Toro