By Jason Moore QUITE rightly Bulletin readers have expressed their outrage over plans to demolish the Soller naval base. This is a beautiful building which has been the focal point of the port for many years and the building is set to be demolished today. The base is now closed leaving the local authorities with a headache. But in their wisdom they have decided that it will be demolished and the site redeveloped. But what amazes me, though, is that while Bulletin readers are up in arms, the same cannot be said for the Majorcan residents of Soller. I have read the local Soller newspaper and there doesn't appear to be much opposition. I get the impression that many people are quietly resigned to this state of affairs and are just awaiting the outcome. The redevelopment of the site will obviously bring a cash injection to the local economy and also create new jobs. This same arguement has been used in Britain on many occasions when similar projects are discussed and the end result is that usually the project remains on the drawing board as a result of local opposition. Is it possible that the British are more concerned with preserving rather than developing? Is it possible that the Spanish are looking to the future while the British look to the past? I don't know but it is certainly an interesting state of affairs. But taking all this into account I believe that the Soller base should be left as it is and transformed into something useful and lucrative for the Soller community and the visiting tourists. Landmarks cannot easily be replaced.