Dear Sir, UNDER an EU Directive, it is necessary for all public premises to have Disabled Access, which is only too correct. Approximately two years ago a fund was set up by the Church Elders in order to raise the 130'000 Euros required to start the work and conform to EU regulations. I was appointed Fund Raising Chairman at the end of November, 2005 when the Fund stood at about 90'000 Euros. The committee met during December to decide the best way forward and an entertaining programme was formulated to take us to June 2006. During the meeting it was decided that the target should be 150'000 Euros to take into account any unexpected work which developed. “THE LORD MOVES IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS” At the beginning of January 2006, this exciting programme was unfolded to the congregation, with the question - Does anyone have 60'000 Euros which they would like to donate to this very worthy cause??? The Lord moves in mysterious ways: some weeks later a private donor - after a discussion with The Rev. Robert Ellis and one of our key members of the committee - offered the full amount to complete all the work. This letter is not only to thank that person for such generosity, but also to thank all the other donors who gave so generously of their limited funds that perhaps they could not readily afford, but felt it worth while to make such a contribution. Our sincere thanks and gratitude to all who supported our Fund Raising events and who gave of themselves during this campaign.

Edward Ingram, Fund Raising Chairman.