I have been living here in Majorca for 20 years and have always worked until made redundant. We all know that finding a full time job here on the island is difficult, no matter how many languages you speak. So it was off to the unemployment office for me and to find it so frustrating, now you must go on-line to make an appointment not just one appointment but 2 appointments or call a 901 number which I may add is 50 cents per minute. Do the Spanish not know that when you are unemployed money is scarce! I was offered a job working 20 hours per week for one month so I needed to find out how it would affect my unemployment claim so I looked on-line then tried to make an appointment but was unable to and the employer needed to know within 24 hours if I would accept or not. So in the end I was forced to call the 901 number after waiting 6 minutes to be attended then and was told I needed an appointment which would be in two weeks time. The person I was speaking to could not give me that appointment and was advised to call another 901 number. After all of that I am no better off and with a phone bill of 8 euros. So I accepted the job and will be 300 euros poorer by taking the job and no idea about how it affects the unemployment. This is so frustrating.

Best Regards Mucho Saludos
Charlene l Dear Sir,