Rainfall getting stronger
A sidebar article in Wednesday's paper starts off with the sentence, “Heavy rain caused two accidents in Andratx early yesterday afternoon.” Might I suggest to your staff reporter that what caused the accidents was poor driving and a stupid refusal on the part of the drivers to acknowledge wet and slippery road conditions.

But then stupidity, more's the pity, will be with us forever, possibly even longer than shall there be rain, if the prognosticators are correct.
So please don't blame all those innocent raindrops falling on our heads. Lord knows there are enough truly guilty parties out there: politicians, bureaucrats, bankers -- oh, and did I mention politicians? -- or even the prat who banged my Volvo up the backside in the rain a few years ago.

At least he got his comeuppance; his car was destroyed, the Volvo suffered a couple of broken tail lamps.

George Scott

DEAR SIR, WITH reference to Mr Fairley's letter of the 9th and to put what he described as “criminal parties” into true perspective I quote the speech made by Cándido Conde-Pumpido (Spain's Attorney General ) to Congress on the 11th November 2009.

He detailed 264 cases of corruption open involving Antich's socialist comrades, the PSOE and 200 involving the PP. Comparatively, the local UM are in a league entirely of their own where the presumption of innocence is proving far less applicable than, “presumed guilty until proven innocent”! Yours, John Rule

Sol de Mallorca