Dear Sir,

Just try to book an early “out of season” holiday to Majorca here in England.
No flights.... No hotels.
It's like the shutters have been brought firmly down on the island until mid May and the island then isolates itself again at the end of September.
There are thousands of “wrinklies” here in the U.K. who are just dying for a spot of cheap winter sunshine.
(We can even put up with snow in February LOL).
Many of us used to come to Majorca as a first choice, but we are now being turned away to other destinations such as Canaries, Egypt and India.
The problem is that once you try somewhere new, you usually find that you like it, and will probably go there again.
Come on Majorca..... it's time to get your act together and encourage a few hotels to open in conjunction with a handful of bars and cafes so that we can enjoy your winter sun.... It's all you have, so why don't you market it properly.

The solution to the downturn is in your own hands. Stop charging 3 Euros for a beer and start offering it at 200 pesetas instead.
It's what made Majorca famous once, and it can happen again. “Volve a peseta”

Anthony McCluskey