I moved to Majorca in October 1997 for health reasons due to bad circulation. However, as you well know, the apartments here are not equipped for the cold with every where tiled and no central heating they are more like giant bathrooms.

I have asked the DWP at Newcastle on several occasions for assistance with heating, only to be told that as I moved here before my 60th birthday I am not entitled to any benefit, how ludicrous is that!

I still pay British taxes, I would have received the benefit had I been in the UK.
Every winter I spend the early mornings and evenings huddled under blankets by one reflector heater trying to keep warm, during the day I try to spend walking as it is marginally warmer than indoors.

Like many other Brits, I merely swapped my UK home to move here, but living costs have escalated beyond expectation plus the drop in the pound. I would be very interested to attend a meeting with the DWP, but I only have public transport so I would be limited by that. Also I have an appointment with a cardiac specialist, leaving for the UK on the first of March so again, it depends on the date, if it was middle to end of March then I would be more than keen to attend (depending on the outcome of the hospital appointments). I live on the east coast of the island.

I look forward to your reply and comments.
Sincerely yours,

P Sergent