By Jason Moore

HAVE you noticed that the British tour operators are upbeat about the prospects for the forthcoming summer season but they always end their booking update by saying “but Majorca must make all these new tourists very welcome.” In other-words you get the impression that Majorca has a reputation these days of not making holidaymakers that welcome.

In some instances I disagree because I would say that overall holidaymakers are made very welcome on the island. But naturally there are some exceptions. All you need is one rude waiter or hotel staff and it could ruin your holiday. “We had a great time in Majorca but there was this one waiter who made our life a misery with his rudeness,” can easily be final update on a holiday. I know of a case of a hotel employee who treated a group of people so badly that they actually walked out vowing never to return to the hotel or the island. So yes, Majorca appears to be heading for a good summer season but everyone must make a great effort.

As a result of the turmoil in the Middle East more tourists will be coming to Majorca this summer; it could be a one-off opportunity for the island to take back the number on holiday spot but it could also be a season when thousands of tourists will never return.