Economy: Your share of the bill
IN 2010 the interest on the national debt will cost £42.9 billion a year. That's more than we spend on defence, and not much less than the entire education budget.

We owe £37'151 for every man, woman and child in the UK, that's more than £80'642 for every person in employment. Every household will pay £1'881 this year, just to cover the interest

Interesting analysing the debt. We give £6.2 Billion in Foreign aid, included in this £1 Billion to India announced last week. We also pay £7.9 Billion to the European Union, that's £19M a week.

We can all moan and complain about day to day issues but I worry for my children's future and the debt that the subsequent inept Governments and Bankers have managed to saddle us with.

Kindest Regards,

Alan Wheat, Cala Bona and Sheffield