IN response to Jason Moore's viewpoint re: the poor support of the Real Mallorca football team, I would concur with his comments, but add a few possible explanations.

I am a part time resident of the island, spending the rest of the time here in Manchester. I do watch Real Mallorca when we are on the island, if its a fixture which excites me e.g. Barcelona, Real Madrid, and I would say that's fairly typical of Brits on the island who have a passing interest in Real Mallorca, but you are unlikely to garner much support for lesser games unless the entrance money is reduced considerably.

At home, I watch and support Bolton Wanderers, who also have trouble filling the stadium on a regular basis. To try and minimise this, they run special ticketing prices for the “lesser” games, which normally means reducing the price to £10 for adults and £5 for juniors, and this usually does the trick.

I would suggest Real do something similar, and get youth groups involved, and schools too, as they are the supporters of the future.
The current “crisis” is not helping I know, but show some initiative and fill the stadium, I am sure the players would respond positively too.
Finally I would like to pass on my congratulations to all at the club who are having a fantastic season, especially when you consider the perilous state the club was in at the start of the season.

Kind Regards, Simon Relph