l Dear Editor,
WE have visited Majorca since the mid 1960s, bringing our cycles, or latterly, our tandem, and are very good freinds of Doug Petty. He, in conjunction with Pedro Canals of the Hotel San Diego in El Arenal, have and continue to organise, cycle training in Spring/Autumn off-season periods. Around ten years ago, we met Stephen Roche in the Hotel Ponent Mar, Palma Nova (Tour de France & Giro de Italia and World Road Race Championship 1987). We discussed the setting up of Cycling Centres for retired cyclists, by allowing hotels to remain open throughout the year, thus employing Majorcans, instead of making them “unemployed”. Stephen considered “our idea” over a couple of weeks and when we remet, agreed to look further. We then approached the Cyclists Touring Club and as we knew the Chairman Jim Bailey very well. Being “local” to Yorkshire, Jim put it forward to CTC Executive who passed it as “worthwhile”, but the “high” management then changed hands and the proposal was dropped and remains no longer of interest UNTIL you published your report on CYCLING in Majorca (Daily Bulletin,Tuesday, February 21). Many “retired” cyclists, would welcome a LONG WINTER STAY, at a hotel with basic entertainments (they would be too sleepy to enjoy, having been out on their bikes most of the day) and as UK pensions can be withdrawn from Majorca banks, they could escape the COLD RAIN of the United Kingdom. “Older people” need more “nursing care” than previously and Pauline is a retired Nursing Sister, and retains her Registered Nurse qualification, as do a number of other cyclists, mainly female. They could “earn” their accommodation expenses by “being on duty” at the selected cycling hotels. We look forward to your comments and suggestions for the way forward by Majorca hoteliers, etc. Our idea, need NOT be exclusive for CYCLISTS, but could also meet needs of GOLFERS and by having “Guests” of World renown, visit occasionally, to increase interest.
Ken Hobson aged 76, Miss Pauline Farrell aged 68,
both of Guiseley, Leeds LS20 9HJ.
l Dear Editor,
I HAVE been living in Majorca for nearly five years and in that time I have had two little boys. There are numerous parks here and in particular, two large ones around the area of Playa de Palma, one just off the motorway beside Mercadona, and one at the back of the Riu centre. I am posing the question why are these parks always locked? I have, as I said, two little boys but no garden. My boys and I look longlingly at these parks because they look fabulous, a great place for them to burn off some energy, running about safely. I hope someone can help me as I am confused as to why these parks are here when they are constantly locked! Roisin Hassard, Playa de Palma