WHEN the Israeli Knesset orders it's armed forces, its F16s and warships, to bomb and shell defenceless Palestinian civilians and children held in the abomination of the Gaza ghetto, Obama and Cameron cower in shameful silence. Bombing civilians in Gaza converts it into a death camp. Obama obediently even vetoes a UN investigation into the killing of over 1300 civilians by the criminal Israeli army in Gaza. But when Ghaddafi does the same to his own citizens, Cameron and Obama threaten sanctions and accuse him angrily of “war crimes.” We see who is pulling their chains and who calls the tune.

So, don't expect our own politicians to be more honest or sincere than arab dictators and you won't be disappointed by their self- serving hypocrisy and lack of values and respect for human rights and international law.

Kind regards

Dr. Garry Bonsall

OIL brings money. This was message of Wednesdays letter to the editor. No doubt about that. Just check the Fortune 500 list and you'll find the largest oil company in the world doubled its income when oil prices skyrocketed a year or so ago raising prices of basic necessities across the globe. Oil brings money. So why is poverty such a problem in several major oil producing nations in Africa and South America? And who will address the damage from countless oil spills and accidents in developing countries, when even fisherman and locals in the USA where legal protection would be assumed to be among the best in the world feel bullied and ignored by BP? When oil rigs start drilling at sea all the locals can hope for is to catch the crumbs. A few services such as catering, and a bar might get busier when the crews are ashore but, as we all know, the true profits end up in the bottom lines of those Fortune 500 companies. In between a few politicians or anyone with the power to make decisions get their palms greased and other places well lubed until morality and common sense just no longer go hand in hand.

Meanwhile on Majorca, the post office has been praised for its adoption of electric cars, the trains are being converted to electricity - all in the aid of reducing dependency on fossil fuels.

Businesses all over Spain are experimenting to improve solar and wind power systems and on Ibiza and even Majorca some folks prefer to ride a horse and cook by fire than live in a consumption mad lifestyle.

Though we do need oil and always will we could still source it from ground wells without risking our ocean that feeds us more than just fish but also Tourism. I would much rather pursue economic gains by protecting the sea, developing better quality tourism, improving efficiencies of alternative fuels, and promoting the island rather than opening ourselves to the risk of an oil slick that, once occurs, would only be followed by a “Sorry folks” by the CEO of a multinational.

As we have seen, all the major accidents whether nuclear, chemical or oil, have happened due to carelessness, short cuts in safety procedures, and human ignorance even though they might have access to “NASA” technology. So for locals, the biggest hope of getting rich will be a payout from a major ecological disaster. Yes, oil brings money.

Gerard Laracy