Dear Editor, WITH the passing of ANN MAUREEN BUCKINGHAM on Wednesday 22nd February 2006, the Buckingham and Palmer families would like to express their deepest thanks to all the medical staff at the Clinica Rotger, Palma, for their highly professional treatment and compassion during the past twelve years. In particular, to Dr Antich whose skills, understanding and tolerance enabled Ann to lead a near normal life. To Dr Girona, Dora and Isabela. To Marga and her happy group of specialists. To all the efficient and caring nurses and smiling cleaners on the fourth floor. Also our thanks to Oscar for sorting out all sorts of administrative problems and the “ingresso” lady and Christine for helping with our Spanish. Our very special thanks to Susan Pegrum who started as our official translator and became our most valued friend. Without her skills and persistence life would have been very hard indeed. And last, but not least, to Dr Mike Stoma whose eagle eye made him suspect the start of “the nasties”, and whose pastoral and regular medical care enabled Ann to cope with her problem. In short, our heartfelt thanks to all members of “the Team” without whose support life would have been very different indeed.

Ann & Dennis Buckingham, Sa Cabaneta, Marratxi