I do not often disagree with your views, but I must say that your comments on David Cameron's proposals on Defence spending, especially the last two lines, “That some of the returning soldiers from Afghanistan could be made redundant, which would be disgraceful”, is well over the top. Of course Philip Hammond - the Defence Secretary is up in arms (unintended pun, as all such people complain to try and avoid the cuts in spending on their departments, that are being inflicted on the rest of the population.

Mr. Hammond is suggesting that these cuts should fall on Benefits and other Welfare awards. He does not specify which. Imagine the outcry if in addition to the savings already being imposed, more savage cuts should be applied.

They are indeed difficult choices, but Defence spending has to be included. It is for the Government of the day to decide on priorities, never an easy task.

On a purely personal note, may I mention that it has taken over 65 years to acknowledge the Royal Navy's part in the supplying arms etc. through the hazardous Arctic route to the Soviet Union in WW2, plus the recognition of aircrews in the Royal Air Force Bomber Command, of which I was a member (1941/1946). The award I am about to receive, is a small metal clasp to be attached to an existing medal. Is this a result of spending cuts? I do not complain and neither do I feel it is “Disgraceful” C'est la vie.

Phil Green
El Toro