By Jason Moore

It is almost 18 months since the banking crisis almost brought the west to a standstill and I can see no visible evidence of any major reform so, in theory it could happen again. Why is it that the banking industry is not split into two; with normal banking (savings, loans etc) being taken care of by one sector and the more high risk investments by another?

Why can´t we see a return to the old style building society which doesn´t get involved in the more high risk arm? I know that it is not that profitable but at the end of the day at least the public would be protected and would not risk losing all their savings. The banking industry has been greatly discredited by the collapse and it needs to work hard to regain the public´s confidence. I don´t know why governments don´t step in and form their own banks which at least would ensure that there was no risks and the public would know exactly what they were getting. If you ask the average man or woman on the street what caused the collapse I doubt you would get a clear answer. Eighteen months later and they are still none the wiser. What is needed is one great overhaul which would ensure that what happened 18 months ago could never occur again.