Dear Sir, BELOW is the text of a letter from the Director General of the World Society of Protection for Animals (WSPA) to the Mayoress of Palma in response to Palma City Council's recent decision to close down Centro Canino Internacional Animal Refuge (www.centrocaninointernacional.org). The CCI shelter provides a vital service to both the people and animals of Majorca. WSPA respectfully request the Mayoress to review the Council's decision and allow CCI to continue their invaluable work.

Dear Madame Mayoress, I am writing on behalf of the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) further to my letter last year in relation to our Spanish member society Centro Canino Internacional (CCI) and the alleged threat of closure to their shelter once again.

CCI is a valued member of WSPA and we are strongly supportive of their work. WSPA representatives and supporters regularly visit CCI and we know that the shelter is well managed and operating at a high standard of care for the animals. CCI have followed Council advice at all times, including applying for a breeder's license as instructed (although they are not a breeding facility) and a residence license (which was applied for last September but has not yet been granted). With regards to the complaint at issue, CCI have done everything in their power to reduce any noise disturbance caused as a result of the dogs. In fact, they have already taken measures to reduce this problem, investing vast amounts of money into sound proofing their kennels and building a barrier wall. Furthermore, they have requested permission to build more outdoor sound barriers and are awaiting decision from the Council.

I am sure that you are aware that CCI has a high level of local and international support for their work, and their shelter provides a vital function to both the animals and people of Majorca.

WSPA sees no justifiable reason why CCI should be refused the right to continue its valuable work for animals, and in light of the above information and the likely repercussions of closing this shelter, I encourage you to review the Council's decision and hope you will reverse the decision in favour of CCI.

Yours sincerely,

Major General
Peter Davies CB

Director General, WSPA